7 Ways Investors Keep More of Their Money

January 31, 2024 Agent Finances, Taxes Share Share Learn from a CPA how to take advantage of every single tax break you’re owed as a small business owner. © ArLawKa AungTun – iStock/Getty Images Plus Real estate pros almost never take advantage of all the tax breaks they’re owed, says CPA Greg Antipoff, who is known […]

10 Top Zillow’s Cities to Invest

Waterfront Cities Dominate Zillow’s Hottest Markets for 2024 Homes in these relatively affordable markets sell faster than the national average – in some cases, in as little as 11 days. Home shoppers looking for affordable homes and a connection to water would do well to scope out the upper Midwest and Great Lakes regions, along […]

10 Top Cities with Fixers

(Realtor.com / Getty Images) TRENDS Looking for a Fixer-Upper? Here’s Where To Find Them—and How Much You’ll Pay By Evan Wyloge Jan 29, 2024 EnvelopeFacebookTwitterLinkedinPinterest In real estate, few types of homes stir up as much excitement mixed with a dash of fear as the so-called fixer-upper. Buying a property in need of repairs might seem daunting […]

10 Top Fix & Flip Markets

The Price and Availability of Renovated and Fixer-upper Homes Across America December 19, 2023 The U.S. housing market has gotten a little pickled lately. With prices and mortgage rates soaring and a shortage of homes for sale, not much is moving at all. Ongoing talk of a government shutdown threatens to further stultify the market in the […]

10 Tips for a Successful Flip

10 Tips on House Flipping to Help Ensure a Successful Flip Dec 28, 2023   13 min read There’s no shortage of tips for flipping houses, but there’s something you need to know: The only tips that matter are the ones that move you toward the ultimate goal of flipping for a profit. With that in […]

Home Sales Rise

Existing home sales rise for first time since May Holden Walter-Warner Wed, Dec 20, 2023, 12:18 PM PST2 min read 1 It was by no means a blizzard of activity, but existing home sales increased from October to November, ending a cold spell for the moribund U.S. market. Sales of existing homes increased by 0.8 percent from […]

Real Estate Looks Bright In 2024

Here’s Why the Future of Real Estate Looks Bright In 2024- We’re heading into the new year, and the 2024 real estate forecast looks bright. With this promising prediction in mind, here is some in-depth analysis that will unveil the key trends and factors contributing to the positive outlook. If you’re navigating or learning to […]